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HAYP Pop Up Gallery: Project “ANKAPital”

On the 17th of April “Arvestagir” was at HAYP Pop Up Gallery at the opening of the project “ANKAPital”. Colorful, unfinished space of Megerian Shin, where the unification of the audience of young people, wine and rock music and it let to forget the presence of works of art by making art harmonious and familiar to the environment and mood, and turned it all into an art space, and that space  for a few hours turned into a place of concentration of modern ideas and new approaches. We believe that the project ANKAPital is a completely new approach to the organization of exhibitions. From the point of view of the organizers, this collective exhibition brings together international and local artists to take a closer look at the meaning of connectivity in contemporary society.

Nowadays we’re increasingly “connected” to our devices, social networks, and the wealth of information available online, with the aim of improving communication, nurturing collaboration, heightening productivity, and increasing our public reach. Yet despite all of these efforts, sometimes it feels as though we’ve lost a meaningful sense of connection to our peers and surroundings. Among the artists participating in the exhibition are Samvel Saghatelyan, Adrine Grigoryan, Serje Navasardian, Artak Gevorgyan, Marcela Perez, Vahram Akimyan and others. ANKAPital will be presenting other various projectd in Yerevan, so here is the program:


Photos by Hasmik Barkhudaryan

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