Sargis Hamalbashyan: Armenian district

On the 17th of April “Arvestagir” was at the Gafesjian art center’s “Sasunti Davit” hall (or garden) where Sargis Hamalbashyan’s exhibition named “Armenian district” was represented. Sargis Hamalbashyan is one of the representatives of artists of 1980’s new generation. It was a period of serious transitions; the collision of perceptions, new approaches… Hamalbashyan was the participant of this creative process as well. The represented large-scale paintings are united in the temporal different platforms. The intricate, “theatrical performances” from different periods of time through different forms invade his art. The artist often cites literally the forms of ancient Armenian miniature painting by introducing them harmonically in the surface of his canvases. The soul and coloring of old Armenian districts is transmitted easily due to this and other citations. S. Hamalbashyan disposes the space of his canvases originally; from the first sight non harmonic forms become harmonic only due to Hamalbashyan’s individual perspective. The represented drawings are also interesting; on contrary to his paintings where the main way of expression is the color, in his drawings expressive forms, characters and the play of lines turn to be dominating.

The entrance to the exhibition will be free until 19th of April.

Photos by Hasmik Barkhudaryan

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