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  • Arshak Tchopanyan

    Arshak Tchopanyan

    Arshak Tchopanyan was born in 1872 in Constantinople. Primary education he received in Maqruhyan school in the area of Peshiktash, since 1887 he studied at Central school of Constantinople. The pupils of the school had fluently known modern and ancient Armenian (grabar), French, which were allowing to study modern and ancient Armenian literature, as well

  • Joseph Orbely

    Joseph Orbely

    Joseph Orbely was born in March 8, 1887 in Kutaisi. A year later, his family moved to Tbilisi, where in a multinational environment of Armenians, Russians, Georgians, Azerbaijans he met with different languages. Joseph Orbely, who has studied  Armenian (and not only Armenian) culture, art and history, was from family with aristocratic origin. Orbely family

  • Lydia Durnovo

    Lydia Durnovo

    Lydia Durnovo was born in 1885 in Smolensk. In 1902 she graduated from the local college, where she studied drawing. In 1904 Durnovo moved to St. Petersburg, where she entered the workshop of A.V.Makovsky, but here she studies only a year. Russian-Japanese  war has begun, and she as a sister of mercy leaving for the front.