Come Closer: Art from a different angle

Come-Closer-Art-from-a-different-angle-posterOn 7th of October “Arvestagir” was at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Armenia at the solemn opening of exhibition “Come closer”… Art from a different angle… this is the motto of the exhibition. We have followed the title of the exhibition and have come closer, have participated in the process of creation of interactive works, have whispered secrets to the wall of murmurs… The presence of the foreign artists is visible and has a huge impact on the establishment of the exhibition.  “Come closer” aims to bring together artists from various horizons, around the theme of exchange (of ideas, of points of views) and communication with its consequences in terms of proximity and distance. It will be staged as an exhibition by a group of visual artists from France and Switzerland for the first phase of the touring exhibition. The second phase of the project will include exhibitions in Switzerland with a larger group that will include artists from Armenia.

The exhibition will address the communication between people and will attempt to diversify the terms thereof. It will aim to encourage interaction between artists, between different cultural regions, and especially with the public.  Works presented are mostly interactive and the public is strongly encouraged to participate. Performances and installations, as well as cooperative projects developed in-situ will be presented during the exhibition. The works will evolve until the end of the show and will offer occasions for the public to interact with the artists, with their works as well as to observe the evolution of the exhibition.

The touring exhibition will start in Armenia, will visit Switzerland and hopefully elsewhere, always with the aim to create links with the local communities and artists through artistic practices. The participating artists are Catherine Aeschlimann (Switzerland), Pier Giorgio De Pinto (Switzerland), Alina Mnatsakanian (Switzerland), Geneviève Petermann (Switzerland), Josette Taramarcaz (Switzerland),Edmond Habetian (France).Curatorsare Alina Mnatsakanian (European side and coordination of the project) and Susanna Gyulamiryan (Armenian side, for the phase 2- exhibition in Switzerland). The exhibition in Yerevan will be open until 26th of October.


Photos by Hasmik Barkhudaryan

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