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Aren Shahnazaryan Widerdruck [counter pressure]

On October 14,  2016 at 19:00pm at “Dalan” Gallery (Abovyan 12, 2nd floor) took place artist Aren Shahnazaryan’s solo exhibiton “Widerdruck [counter pressure]”. “Widerdruck [counter pressure] ” is artist’s recent series, consisting of 17 collages, made with mixed media. Exhibition curator – art critic Hasmik Barkhudaryan.

“Widerdruck [counter pressure]” is a complete work-series that shows a counter pressure expressed through substance and tradition. As a growing power an idea, a memory or a thought of any artist needs to be immediately transmitted to the surface by any means. As a result, the surface is the main determinant and the main tool. The whole series or work is an effort to reveal more clear and conspicuous sides of the person’s most special features. There’s a huge set of personal, emotional and deep things in the series. This is a deep-rooted, complicated phenomenon existing inside of the artist, which is built on the touching and subversive memories, external pressures and influences. Such features are peculiar to the German culture, which, in its turn, is distinguished in European culture with its expressed acuteness and resistance to the certainty.


Thus, “Widerdruck [counter pressure]” is the expression of harmonically ideal, complete classical forms of the counter pressure of the artist, the endeavour to combine them with individually intense feelings. The series is an attempt to find internal cultural manifestation of the intense pressure and its counter pressure, which is expressed through simple color expansion. An artist relates to the references, as a result of which popular fonts and images get reinterpreted, acquiring an iconographic sound. In German culture the traces emerge on the surface as image-targets that are covered, hidden under a layer of paint, but they do not lose visibility and importance. The palette bar will not become diverse, the German texts, which are hardly visible in strict and specific color shades, are perceived more as images than semantic things. The surface significantly increases, and, on the contrary, the scope of information-bearing elements decreases to a minimum, having only gesture components left. Sometime the particles that are components of everyday life, consuming themselves, lose their meaning, becoming just items that have practically no contact with the memories and experiences of specific tracks, but actively work as tools for the application of the already familiar methods. “Widerdruck [counter pressure]” is an opportunity for self-discovery, for bringing out personal accumulated materials, visible images, creative internal problems, a chance to have your creative trip mapping, which confirms the personal creative boundaries and the need to build and demolish them.

Exhibition will last till the 23th of October.

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