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  • Interview with Ruben Arutchyan

    Interview with Ruben Arutchyan

    Dear reader, the opening of a website I want to start with an interesting and instructive conversation with Ruben Arutchyan. The artist, who has a very important and interesting way that enriched the Armenian art and will enrich it. Our  generation  needs to listen to the opinions of these people, talk to them, exchange views

  • “Golden Lion” of the Venice Biennale in the Hands of Armenian Artists

    “Golden Lion” of the Venice Biennale in the Hands of Armenian Artists

    The names of the main winners of the Venice Biennale started on May 6th are already known. “Golden Lion” of the Venice Biennale for National Pavilion went to the Armenian pavilion with the project “Armenity”. Curator Marina Kyuberyan have chosen the participators in the Armenian pavilion representatives from the Armenian diaspora from around the world.

  • Eleven Websites on Medieval Art and History

    Eleven Websites on Medieval Art and History

    This is a very good network where you can find the theses of the articles (the link of the full article is given below), short descriptions of the new published books, new films, information  about new conferences, a variety of interesting materials. http://www.medievalists.net In this website you can find materials concerning codicology, medieval book illumination, photos

  • Read, think, speak …

    Read, think, speak …

    On March 31 in Cafesjian  Center for the Arts was opened an interactive educational center with a rich and original library. The library includes the personal collection of Gerard Cafesjian and the books donated to the Arts Center. For those people who are interested in art, especially contemporary culture and who today can’t find literature