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Artist Vahe Apoyan: The Veracity of forms…

Vahe Apoyan is one of the young and promising artists whose works are full of personal thoughts and their noble reproductions. The painter was born in 1988, in the city of Hrazdan. He got his preliminary professional education in the local Armenian school. In the years from 2006-2014 he studied at the Art collage of Yerevan named after Panos Terlemezyan and at Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. He has taken part in a number of republican exhibitions and in 2003 he had individual exhibition at the gallery of Terlemezyan. Professional education and the school have surely left a deep mark in the woks of the artist.

His creations distinguished with unique diversity can be often perceived as young and containing less vital experience complex of images where you can find only sensitive emotion, memory and only the review. Though from the firs sight the creative inventions of the painter coincide with the reproduction of already familiar themes and images, the base of the creation are the associative quests, large generalizations, due toe which the characters in Vahe’s canveses gain new sense and sound.

The painter tries to relieve the characters from already familiar notion which enters from the optioanl moment of unconsciousness. The drastic penetrations of color are tissues  of consciousness and subconsciousness spread in the space and endlees fight of its regreting the result of which is indirect, diverse solutions. This contradictions makes his works significant, makes the viewer sink in the colors fall and in unique solutiones given by them, declining issues raised by the artist.

Vahe-Apoyan-001 Vahe-Apoyan-002Vahe-Apoyan-006Vahe-Apoyan-011

The the variety of canvases the asociative connections are hardly visible, which sometimes deprives the characters from their symbolic power and makes to be as pure forms. So on the surface of the canvases stay only the basic items of the color. The colors and items  creaded by Vahe have expressive accents which fill associative substantial weakness. So the imprint of the color sometimes is dominant in tha canvas and confirms the prevalence of  abstractions. In this case the imprint of the color is expressed by Vahe’s brush thrust.

Releasing uniqueness to his characters, the painter always succeeds to save the elegance of forms and to exhibit his personal attitude towards characters. Those characters are often generalized, free of personality and come to confirm the sense of eternity which is always present in the works of artist.

Vahe follows the world around him in his own observation, perceives and appropriates The time as every single rational creator, again ascertains in his transmission choise of time and space in its true form. Looking at the canvases one can feel the movement of his strong hand, at the same time the gentle caressing of his eye which open new creative page in the art of the painter whick will be very long and different from the others.


A Talk to the artist…

Vahe Apoyan is a promising young artist for me, who is Vahe Apoyan for you?

Very interesting question. Interesting, because probably every person is trying to look at himself from the eyes of another person. When I look at myself, I feel nothing to me. First I’m a man, I am a creative person, an artist with a free mind and in art I prefer non-standard situations. I often ask myself the question and argue with myself: to be conservative or not. And in the end I come to non conservative ideas.. But then I’m asking another question, how can I continue to live and work without saving traditions.

You are creating art, and what makes you to go on, and not stop creating?

I think that there can be no reason for creating, can be only a need of it. Of course, there are internal and external causes, and combining them, you try to give them solutions. You never know how you started to paint, do not understand how that aesthetic approach was born. My parents brought me to draw, despite that this neeed has been in me since childhood.



I am particularly interested in the moment when the brush first touches the white canvas …

It is my favorite moment. Here you are, sitting behind an easel with a white canvas in front of you, and it is the most difficult moment, when you think how to start to make it interesting from the beginning. Very often I close my eyes,and try to imagine, But the imagination is perfect, and no matter how perfect is your creation in your mind, it is impossible to fully convey what you have in your mind.

And this is due to what? From a lack of technical capabilities or experience?

Not so much because of the technical as mental problems. Maybe the imaginary creations are opposite the possibilities, so each artist has such problems.

Vahe-Apoyan-005 Vahe-Apoyan-007Vahe-Apoyan-004

It turns out that the result is never similar to what you’ve imagined?

Almost always different,  it is different but not something that is less worhty than the imaginary creation. Often in the process of drawing thoughts and forms can come that make the cration more better than the fantasy.

I know that because of the lack of  art studio sometimes you can’t paint. How are you overcome these periods of pause?

Vahe-Apoyan-003The difficult is, that my idea is ahead of me. It means, that  when some idea is born in me and I can’t afford to put it on canvas, over time, my ideas changed, having progress, maybe sometimes they turn into an even more interesting ideas, but that transition ideas are lost. Of course, on paper, in the form of sketches, they still remain, but it’s not the same. The absence of the art studio is really a big problem. I mostly go to my friend’s studio or to the studio of Academy of Fine Arts.

What else can affect you mean external influences, such a policy?

Of course, there are a lot of influences. But, especially about the policy, I want to say that I am puzzled by the fact, that young people talk about politics a lot today, and there are a lot of people, who talk about it. Some because of worry, some because of having nothing to do. I think that there is no need totalk about the politics and to interfere in it. If you do your job, if you got into you job, then in one way or another you will finally touch it, because you live and create in society. Probably that’s it…

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