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The 12th international film festival “Golden Apricot”

Golden-ApricotOn the 12th of  July, 2015,  in Yerevan will be a celebration. Starts brightest in our country the 12th international film festival “Golden Apricot”. This year the festival took the unprecedental number of submissions- 1600 submissions from 150 countries, which indicates the credibility of the festival from year to year. This year also remain major categories: International competition of feature and documentary films, short films “Apricote stone” and Armenian panorama.

“Golden Apricot” has a huge cultural information, each film reveals to us our present reality, tell us what today care of the person, what is important and what is secondary, talks about phenomens, people and events that are not known to us, reflects our reality outside the circle of our usual understanding. It also has a serious impact on our aesthetic ideas, our tastes. “Arvestagir” will participate in the festival hits and will present to its readers the movies, in our view, need to see. We’ve managed to see some movies that will present in subsequent releases.

12th film festival “Golden Apricot” this year will last from 12 to 19 July, don’t miss out!


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