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Producer      Isaac Rodriguez, Tanit Fernandez, Angel Garrido

Director       Tanit Fernandez, Isaac Rodriguez

Script           Tanit Fernandez, Isaac Rodriguez

Director of   photography    Tanit Fernandez, Isaac Rodriguez

Music by       Isaac Rodriguez

Sound           Isaac Rodriguez

Edit              Isaac Rodriguez, Tanit Fernandez

Spanish documentary film “Espes”, tells about small town in the Aragonese Pyrenees, which left its inhabitants, but which still keeps their breath. The only ones who left here are cats, dogs, birds, sometimes arriving from neighboring edges and the most important four old men. The film is full of beautiful scenery, its accompanied by a beautiful hoarse voices of old people who talk about a once happy days of their native town, they are sad, joking, afraid, they talk about death and still waiting for better times. This film is like bunch of endless emotions, that evoke in the viewer a strong sense og empathy, forced him to reflect, to remember his own, and at the same time fill him with endless incomprehensible kidness.

The film poses many questions, the answer to which we are trying to find in ourselves: why young people leave their homeland, why are these four people in spite of everything continue to remain there and in the end what the modern man wants.


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