Screening of the film “Tattoo grandmother”

On the 14th of July in the “Arev Art” Gallery held a rmeeting of the Association of Young historians, This series of events are dedicated to the 100th  anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The meeting was devoted to the living witnesses of genocide.  A film “Grandma’s Tattoos”directed by Susan Hardalyan was shown. The uniqueness of the documentary lies in the fact that for the first time, the film about the Armenian Genocide shows the violence against women and girls. The film also describes the testimony of survivors and witnesses of genocide, and all psychological problems of women after the genocide. The film’s heroine is  105-year-old Maria Vardanyan, the director’s grandmother, who represents hundreds of thousands of women and girls affected by violence during the genocide. The meeting was also attended by the creator of the film, who spoke about the idea of ​​making a film, as well as discussed  the film with young historians.

Photos by Hasmik Barkhudaryan


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