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  • Выставка Левона Тутунджяна:“Желтая маска”

    Выставка Левона Тутунджяна:“Желтая маска”

    23 мая 2015 года в Национальной галерее Армении в рамках “Выставки уникальных произведений” в первый раз открылась выставка Левона Тутунджяна. Представлены уникальные графические работы мастера, сделанные в 1920-1960-ых годах по правилам ташизма, абстракции и сюрреализма, и его знаменитая картина “Желтая маска”, которая посвящена Геноциду армян. В выставке особое место занимают  скульптуры мастера. Выставка поражает своей

  • Artist Vahe Apoyan: The Veracity of forms…

    Artist Vahe Apoyan: The Veracity of forms…

    Vahe Apoyan is one of the young and promising artists whose works are full of personal thoughts and their noble reproductions. The painter was born in 1988, in the city of Hrazdan. He got his preliminary professional education in the local Armenian school. In the years from 2006-2014 he studied at the Art collage of

  • Interview with Ruben Arutchyan

    Interview with Ruben Arutchyan

    Dear reader, the opening of a website I want to start with an interesting and instructive conversation with Ruben Arutchyan. The artist, who has a very important and interesting way that enriched the Armenian art and will enrich it. Our  generation  needs to listen to the opinions of these people, talk to them, exchange views

  • Armenian pavilion at the Venice Biennale

    Armenian pavilion at the Venice Biennale gallery

    On the 6th of May began the Venice Biennale. It is the most famous Biennale in the world. Every year, hundreds of artists, visit Venice especially in order to participate in this event. This year artists from the Armenian diaspora are presented. The name of the Armenian pavilion is «Armenity/Hayoutioun». Participation of Armenian artists at the Venice

  • Leo Leo-Vardanyan. Samadhi…

    Leo Leo-Vardanyan. Samadhi…

    Meditative abstraction is the main characterization of Leo Leo-Vardanyan’s art. The space of Dalan gallery where on 3th of April took place the opening of the painter’s exhibition named “Samadhi” was full of aura of meditation and harmony. Art is a meditation; the creative state of human’s mind. Meditation itself is a pure abstraction; however

  • Lydia Durnovo

    Lydia Durnovo

    Lydia Durnovo was born in 1885 in Smolensk. In 1902 she graduated from the local college, where she studied drawing. In 1904 Durnovo moved to St. Petersburg, where she entered the workshop of A.V.Makovsky, but here she studies only a year. Russian-Japanese  war has begun, and she as a sister of mercy leaving for the front.

  • Hakob Ananikyan.The most picturesque city’s artist

    Hakob Ananikyan.The most picturesque city’s artist

            Hakob  Ananikyan is an artist with original talent (1919-1977). He has explored his aptitude since 1966 when leaving his birthplace Leninakan he settled in Yerevan. However in his works of art he remains faithful to his own city, infinitely recalling in memory old Gyumri,events and figures, life and lifestyle, unrepeatable soul

  • Sahak Poghosyan: Silence of My Grandmother’s Eyes.

    Sahak Poghosyan: Silence of My Grandmother’s Eyes.

    On the 12th of March 2015 the  Cafesjian Center for the Arts presented the first exhibition of 2015  –  “Sahak Poghosyan: silence of my grandmother’s eyes”. There was presented  one of  the largest projects of Sahak Poghosyan, which consists of eleven works. Curator of the exhibition is  Nazareth Garoyan.  In his project, Sahak Poghosyan announces the theme

  • The Art of Khachatur Iskandaryan

    The Art of Khachatur Iskandaryan

    Khachatur Iskandaryan – Honored Artist of Armenia… During his many years of creative life, he participated in numerous exhibitions and competitions, and honored with numerous awards. Iskandaryan, who was born in 1923 in Yerevan, received his first professional education in Yerevan graduating from Industrial Art Technical College, and then in 1951 he  graduated from Fine