Gor Arushanyan | Micro feelings | Exhibition from 7 to 16 July

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Gor-2On the 7th of July, 2016,  at 19: 00, in Dalan Art Gallery will held the opening of Gor Arushanyan’s  personal exhibition named”Micro feelings”.
The art lovers of Yerevan have to get accustomed to the new cultural displays of the generation change much earlier. And then, maybe they could understand the new generation which came after the powerful presence of Martiros Saryan, Minas Avetisyan and the fine art of the 60-80s in general. The biography of the 25-year-old independent Armenia is represented not only with victory and triumph. The responsibility and burden of the war victims, the cold, the hunger, the murk and the orphanhood is on the shoulders of our generation. We have to receive and digest all that and represent it to the society as culture. It doesn’t mean that in our psychology there will only be displays of defeat and gloom but the untrue heroism is not familiar to us. The life as it is… Light and shadow, life and death, victory and rout…
Gor Arushanyan

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