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Photo Fest 2017 | Stop The Moment

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Stop-the-moment-1The day of the photographer is traditionally celebrated on July 12 – this is the day of St. Veronica, who is considered the patroness of photography. St. Veronica, according to the Bible, gave Jesus, going to Golgotha, a cloth so that he could wipe the sweat from his face. The face of Christ is engraved on this fabric. Almost two millennia later, when the photo was made, the Pope declared this day World Photography Day. The first photo was taken in 1826 by the Frenchman Joseph Nisefor Niepce, and is called “View from the Window”. The shooting took 8 hours. It is known that the first photos were black and white. The first colored photos appeared in the middle of the XIX century, three cameras were used – one for each filter (red, green and blue), and then the images were combined.



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