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  • Puppet stories

    Puppet stories

    Throughout human history, the doll has always played a very mysterious and various role. It was accompanying men in different characters and shapes. It still has not lost its significance (ritual, religious, consumer, educational, artistic and even therapeutic (puppet therapy in psychology)). The exhibition, entitled “Puppet history” begins with the Armenian ritual puppets and ends

  • Me are: Yona Gevorgyan

    Me are: Yona Gevorgyan

    Hr. Kochar 13 … Again the same address as the place of accumulation of art and artistic thoughts in Yerevan, which erupts from time to time with new exhibitions. This time, “Arvestagir” was a guest in the gallery “Nerkay” (Ներկայ), where Yona Gevorgyan was presenting her new exhibition “Me are”. In the world of Yona,

  • Come Closer: Art from a different angle

    Come Closer: Art from a different angle

    On 7th of October “Arvestagir” was at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Armenia at the solemn opening of exhibition “Come closer”… Art from a different angle… this is the motto of the exhibition. We have followed the title of the exhibition and have come closer, have participated in the process of creation of interactive

  • Step:  Between the Transforming and Forming

    Step: Between the Transforming and Forming

    On the 16th of September “Arvestagir” was in the exhibition hall of the Artists Union of Armenia, where, with the collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia was organized an exhibition called “Step: between the transforming and forming”, dedicated to the 23th anniversary of Armenia’s independence. Mainly the works of young