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  • Sahak Poghosyan: Silence of My Grandmother’s Eyes.

    Sahak Poghosyan: Silence of My Grandmother’s Eyes.

    On the 12th of March 2015 the  Cafesjian Center for the Arts presented the first exhibition of 2015  –  “Sahak Poghosyan: silence of my grandmother’s eyes”. There was presented  one of  the largest projects of Sahak Poghosyan, which consists of eleven works. Curator of the exhibition is  Nazareth Garoyan.  In his project, Sahak Poghosyan announces the theme

  • Abstract photography: Gabriel Panosyan

    Abstract photography: Gabriel Panosyan

    On the 3th of March “Arvestagir” was at the Museum of History of Yerevan on the opening of the exhibition of an armenian photographer from Levan, Gabriel Panosyan called “Abstract photography”. Art historians Shaen Khachatryan, Saro Galents and Marina Stepanian had speeches on the exhibition. The RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan alsow was at the

  • Transitions: Harutyun Samuelyan

    Transitions: Harutyun Samuelyan

    On the 20th of February “Arvestagir” was in  Gallery “Dalan” on the opening of Harutyun Samuelyan’s exhibition of graphic works, called “Transitions”. The exhibition was organized within the New York and Dubai Biennale. The curator of the exhibition is the director of the Biennale Pietro Franesi. Presented drawings are made in watercolor, pencil and mixed

  • Anna Harutyunyan. And the life began…

    Anna Harutyunyan. And the life began…

    The RA honored artist Anna Harutyunyan’s solo exhibition headlined as “And the life began…” was held on the 18th of February at the Modern art museum of RA. The exhibition was organized in the frameworks of New York and Dubai Biennales. The author of exhibition initiative was the director of Biennales Pietro Frannes, he has

  • Arrival … Armen Proyan.

    Arrival … Armen Proyan.

    On the 11th of February 2015, in “Dalan” gallery was opened   solo exhibition of Armen Proyan , entitled as “Arrival”. Presented colorful works of art attract by their immediacy,  enchanting atmosphere and  simple approach. The exhibition is open until February 18th, 2015 ..

  • Genocide in Armenian Art

    Genocide in Armenian Art

    On the 10th of February 2015  “Arvestagir” was in American University of Armenia, where Shahen Khachatryan was speaking on “Genocide in Armenian art.” It is worth to note that Shahen Khachatryan is author of many essays and multilingual Albums of Armenian art. His most remarkable book is “The Color of Pain”, published in 2010, where the works

  • Kevork George Kassabian “Art The Possible, 401 days …”

    Kevork George Kassabian “Art The Possible, 401 days …”

    On the 25th of January 2015 “Arvestagir” was in exhibition by Kevork George Kassabian  named ” Art The Possible, 401 days …”, which was held at the Artists’ Union of Armenia. The curator of exhibition  is  Pietro Franezi from Italia. During the exhibition, visitors have an  opportunity to get acquainted with the latest works of the

  • Boghos Haytayan “The half-century chronicle of Armenian art, 1962-2014”

    Boghos Haytayan “The half-century chronicle of Armenian art, 1962-2014”

    The Kalents museum was crowded on the 26th of December. Artists, art critics, art lovers, all gathered to be acquainted with the new book by Poghos Haytayan. “The half-century chronicle of Armenian art, 1962-2014” is a unique treasure for art lovers. It represents Poghos Haytayan’s artistic heritage of more than 55-years, including the author’s articles, interviews

  • “Letters to the plates”

    “Letters to the plates”

    On the 3th of December 2015   “Arvestagir” visited Cafesjian Center for the Arts, where an exhibition from series of ” Encounters with art” was being held.  The exhibition titled “Letters to the plate” was, in its turn, a part of the exhibition “Yerevan Collectors’ Choice 2: Ruben Angaladian Letters in plates”. Evening started in ”