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Never again…The response of the contemporary artists in Armenia to the centennial of Armenian genocide.

On the 14th  of April “Arvestagir” was at the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art where Eduard Palasanyan represented his new curatorial work; the exhibition titled “Never again” is the response of the contemporary artists of Armenia to the centennial of Armenian genocide. The exhibition is a response to this horror, its consequences and a call to prevent this kind of atrocities. The exhibition included the paintings and photos, installations and video-art. The participating artists of the exhibition were the renowned representatives of contemporary Armenian art, like Arman Grigoryan, TeniVardanyan, SargisHamalbashyan, MocoKhachatryan, VahanRumelyan, GagikGhazaren, VahramAkimyan, GayaneEghiazaryan, ArevikArevshatyan, Ruben Grigoryan, TigranKhachatryan, KarineMacakyan, ArturSargsyan, KhachaturMartirosyan, Hamlet Hovsepyan, Diana Grigoryan, GrigorKhachatryan, AdrineGrigoryanand  many others.

Photos by Hasmik Barkhudaryan

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