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Image of Women in Iranian Contemporary Art

On the 20th of March, at the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art (ACCEA) opened an exhibition named “Image of womаn in Iranian contemporary art.” Curator of the exhibition was Shake A. Petrosyan. The image of  women in the east, always had a problem in it, more than anywhere else, and it was always different from Western perceptions. The exhibition’s goal was not only to present the image of woman in contemporary Iranian art, but also to show the differences of perceptions of the female image from the societies of Western culture, as well as the different criterias of beauty. The exhibition included photos, pictures and graphics, as well as video art. Among the exhibitors were Jassem Gazbanpur, Megraban Megrabov, Fariborz Mirkabiri, Farida Shahsavarani, Madeg Safari Arish Hooshmand, Ehsan Miroseini Shiva Eini, Kaveh Khosravi, Hojjat Amani and others …

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