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Rose Eizen: ” Eat Art Photography “

On the 4th  of September,  2015 Arvestagir was  at the exhibition of armenian photographer from Germany, Rose Eizen, named  “Eat Art Photography”.  In the exhibition were presented collages, where the main role was played by the food as a main category. Food captures the whole picture, it is an important and dominant character even increases in size as a main player in the life of the people. Interestingly, a number of pictures was devoted to Adam and Eve, and the apple, as a symbol of sin, which is also a food. Rose’s Mystical, fantastic and paradoxical photos  are actually manifestations of surrealism and magic realism in photography. Technology of collage gives lots of opportunities to photography. Rose Eyzene admitted that before that she used to work with paper collage. Her works were the the top topic of discussions for many art historians and theorists, and in Armenia they are  Presented for the first time.

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