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The little city and the great art by Vartouhie Kzlyan

Vartouhie-KzlyanHave you ever imagine the greatest artists such as Van Gogh, Munch, Chagall, and others would have seen Yerevan and paint it in their works. Such a good dream has imagined young artist Vartouhie Kzlyan, who is also one of the authors of our magazine.  Recently she surprised us with her collages. Done with humor, being unpretending, light, with good feeling of space and combinations of colors and  situations, this collages are the  product of Photoshop program and Vartouhie’s imagination and were liked by Armenians and spread all over the internet. Does this mean that you need quite a bit to create something interesting, just good taste and imagination. We are representing Vartouhie’s series.

We will continue to look forward Vartouhie’s new creative works, and represent them to our reader.

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