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Leo Leo-Vardanyan.The art as a recorded meditation.

The art is a mediation, which does not assume the denying of the object, and not each real space contains visible shapes. It seems the problems of abstract art the meditation solves peculiarly. So the art of Leo Leo immerses the viewer to a unique meditation field, where the balanced repetitive rhythm, colour chain and harmony leads the viewer to calmness and liberation. Leo Leo’s world is various and honest. He freely lets everyone enterhis world, feel the superfine vibrations, stay alone with his creations, feel again, experience and disengage from the real world. At the first sight seemingly homogeneous and passive surfaces immerse the viewer to their deepest stripes, liberate and cleanthoughts.The feelings which cannot be described by wordsarethe most valuable things in art. Leo-Leo-Vardanyan-001So Leo wants to make visual all these undescribing feelings.  As Leo thinks it is not possible to speak about the things which are in the sphere of emotions. There are feelings connected to the realizing of the unlimitness and also newer emotions which are replaced by the painting and become visible. So the meditation becomes visible. Therefore Leo records his theory; process by the painting and in this meditation is being recorded. He thinks that not every painting can be described as abstractism as the emotions are quite real spaces and they are not abstracted like a piece of heaven which contains the feeling of unlimitness, but it includes a real unlimited space. All these spaces are in the soul and heart of the artist. Unlimited spaces where the situation of the limits are very brittle. He is happy that he is able to record some emotions and to present his meditation to others.
To achieve the desired result Leo uses different Medias of the painting and he is sure that he is in the same space. Namely, changing the material painter stays at the centre up to the music, video-art, relief painting, etc.The painter gives the priority to the performing arts and aesthetic manifestations, but all these are is not a goal but a means. Leo feels a great inspiration when the audience experiences or returns the same emotions which he has recorded in the studio and continues already in the gallery with the audience. So a unique energy circuit happens. The painter uses one of these intensive tricks by the video-art, when the canvas is in the middle of the artist and the viewer and their time zones are equal. Leo-Leo-Vardanyan-003Therefore a direct transfer and live dialog happens between artist and audience accompanied by music. Even the music lets the painter find the appropriate touch of colors and create an appropriate touch of music. Leo tells that there is a famous phrase in Sanskrit terminology “Ne tie, Ne tie”, which is translated as “it is not, it is not”. There are brittle vibrations (Nirvana, Samadhi, ecstasy) which cannot be described by words. When in the East somebody wants to describe these by words, the Wise remind him: “Ne tie, Ne tie- It is not, it is not”. It means that these cannot be described by words. Actually the painter has lucky chance not for the words but to describe, show, record, transfer and live his feelings via different Medias. Leo is a very principal artist. He has already set certain standards for himself and not only for him, but also for those artists who work and create in that sphere. He is sure that the creation of the artist is the painter himself. And if we accept this thought , we should also admit that as much the creation says about the author, his inner world, preferences, sounds, color, temperaments and emotions as higher the  merit of the creation is, which has been limited only by aesthetics where the artist seems to be hidden winning over the public and actually missing. Leo also deeply concerned that, unfortunately, other artists like escaping from the real ego and their art is based on logic, taste, and information and the transformation of energy does not represent anything.

Leo-Leo-Vardanyan-024He thinks that both in art, and in life, the most dangerous type of human being is hypocrites, because even if we meet a bad person we detour to the road knowing this fact that there is some merit in it, as we see what is available . We must also accept that if there is depressive person, then there is also a depressive art: religious people, religious art, hysterical person, hysterical art, etc.  Their merit lies in the fact that at least in this case such artists deserve respect because any way they look like their creations; they do not try to please the public and skillfully hide behind their modern and tastefully made works. It is truly rewarding when we see a direct, silent dialog between the artistand the audience, as in Leo’s art case. Of course, an art like this demands concentration, insightness, honestness from the artist, with himself first and foremost, without which it is impossible to have any type of transformation. Otherwise, the art becomes mere imitation, which Leo Leo consideres the greatest problems of today’s art.

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