“Exit Through the Gift Shop”, movie screening on the 22th of April

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Exit-Through-the-Gift-Shop-movie-screening“Arvestagir” cultural magazine and “Ginkgo” language teaching centre are presenting a movie screening /Moskovyan 25, 1st floor/, on 22th of April, 2016, at 18:30, during which you can learn English and know more about art. “Exit Through the Gift Shop” is a documentary movie about world-known street artists Banksy, Thierry Guetta, Shepard and others. The movie focuses on the process of creating street art and graffiti. These two are presented as inseparable part of our modern culture which tends to be an impulsive reaction to the pressing problems around us. The movie screening will be followed by a discussion aiming to analyze the role and functions of street art in Armenian reality. Our special guest – cinematographer Michael Margaryan will introduce the movie from a professional perspective and will highlight the basic points of documentary genre and reality show mixture.

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