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The Anallytical and Synthetical in Abstract Art

Author  Arman Aghlamazyan

Abstract art in its development gained an interesting changes through 20 century. We  noticed that ,,geometrical’’ and ,,signal’’ generalization of abstract art creation yet is not applicable, because of the new concentration of abstract form. As a tool we offer formal narrative, which makes possible understanding the expressive and the content of abstraction. After that we explain art with analytic and synthetic concepts that was interestingly used for description of Cubism. We propose analytic -geometrical, analytic, analytic–signal,  synthetic-geometrical and  synthetic – signal  view terms.

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  1. Դ.Քերթմենջյան

    19 July 2015 00:06

    Հետաքրքիր հոդված է և խոստումնալի։


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