• Transitions: Harutyun Samuelyan

    Transitions: Harutyun Samuelyan

    On the 20th of February “Arvestagir” was in  Gallery “Dalan” on the opening of Harutyun Samuelyan’s exhibition of graphic works, called “Transitions”. The exhibition was organized within the New York and Dubai Biennale. The curator of the exhibition is the director of the Biennale Pietro Franesi. Presented drawings are made in watercolor, pencil and mixed

  • Arrival … Armen Proyan.

    Arrival … Armen Proyan.

    On the 11th of February 2015, in “Dalan” gallery was opened   solo exhibition of Armen Proyan , entitled as “Arrival”. Presented colorful works of art attract by their immediacy,  enchanting atmosphere and  simple approach. The exhibition is open until February 18th, 2015 ..

  • Genocide in Armenian Art

    Genocide in Armenian Art

    On the 10th of February 2015  “Arvestagir” was in American University of Armenia, where Shahen Khachatryan was speaking on “Genocide in Armenian art.” It is worth to note that Shahen Khachatryan is author of many essays and multilingual Albums of Armenian art. His most remarkable book is “The Color of Pain”, published in 2010, where the works

  • Puppet stories

    Puppet stories

    Throughout human history, the doll has always played a very mysterious and various role. It was accompanying men in different characters and shapes. It still has not lost its significance (ritual, religious, consumer, educational, artistic and even therapeutic (puppet therapy in psychology)). The exhibition, entitled “Puppet history” begins with the Armenian ritual puppets and ends