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Antouan Khan Sevrougin and Andre Sevrougin’s works in Armenia: exhibition, on the 4-th of December

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Antouan-Khan-Sevrougin-and-Andre-Sevrougin's-works-in--Armenia-1On the 3th of september 2015, at 11 o’clock will be held a meeting, where Antouan Khan Sevrougin and Andre Sevrougin will be represented in Armenia by Andre’s son Emmanuel Sevrougin, his authorized person Yvette Tajaryan and a friend of the family Ernest Lyudvig Drise. The presentation of the works will be held on the 4th of december, in Matenadaran.
World reknown armenian photographer  Antouan Khan Sevrougin(1851-1933), was the court photographer of Naser-ed-Din Shah,  king  of Persia. He  was the first to enter the artistic photography to court. Antouan’s son Andre (1894-1996) belongs to the range of the 20th century Persia, who brought modernity to persian art.


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