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Anna Harutyunyan. And the life began…

Anna-Harutyunyan--And-the-life-beganThe RA honored artist Anna Harutyunyan’s solo exhibition headlined as “And the life began…” was held on the 18th of February at the Modern art museum of RA. The exhibition was organized in the frameworks of New York and Dubai Biennales. The author of exhibition initiative was the director of Biennales Pietro Frannes, he has also chosen the display of works. The mayor of Yerevan, producer Aram Suqiasyan, Italian Ambassador to Armenia Jovanny Richuly, Russian ambassador advisor to Armenia Oleg Shapavalov, President of Union of Composers in Armenia Aram Satyan, President of the board of the modern art museum management, architect Levon Igityan, the RA honored artist and composer Edgar Gyanjumyan and other and other outstanding representatives of culture.

During the exhibition 12 monumental works were presented, that are made of a unique technology created through a combination of painting and sculptural art, which is an innovation for Armenian society. Generally the shown works were the symbolic reflection of world creation and the continuity of human life, where the artist used also Christian themes, combining national and European painting traditions of classical art and innovative principles. As the artist says, every work has a goal to transfer the bio energy of the work to the audience. She did not put any title on her works, thinking that every work may have different influence on the viewers and in this case it would be better that everyone tried to understand the meaning of works himself.Anna-Harutyunyan--And-the-life-began-006
Anna donated the exibition to the centanial of the Armenian Genocide, as both the headline and the works symbolized the power of Armenians in starting a new life after Genocide. Anna thinks that the life begins and continues, no nation disappears, but on the contrary no matter how the root is cut, it will surely sprout in somewhere else. The exibition was the prof of this alegorik idea.
The organization of the exhibition was also an innovation. The works were shown in a unique ligtning. By the plan of  the director of YSU cultural centre, producer Karine Davtyan the opening ceremony started by the performance of university theater-studio, due to which the conception of the performance was filled. At firts it was dark, nothin was visible: then appeared a man who began to spread his ideas, then the crowd joined him and subsisting be his ideas created and gave life to new works.
This ceremony was followed by YSU chorus of “Hayrmer,” “Lord’s Prayer” and “Holy, holy ‘spiritual songs, which helped the audiences to understand the ideological essence of the exhibition which was in the beginning.Anna-Harutyunyan--And-the-life-began-002This was all new innovation in the organization of the exhibition.
Architect Levon Igityan said in his opening remarks that the opening ceremony had such an unexpected solution, because the author was Anna, the exhibition should have been as unique as her works and her way of thinking.
The participation of YSU cultural centre was not was not accidental. Since 2007 Anna Harutyunyan cooperates with the cultural centre as artist-partner organizing activities carried out by the Centre, performances, and fashion art design.

Since 1995 Anna has had ten solo exhibitions in different countries of the world. The works of the artist are exhibited in Germany, the museums of Venice, as well as in private collections in Russia, Switzerland, France, Spain, Lebanon, Greece, Hawaii, Netherlands, USA, Germany and other countries. The Armenian exhibition will last until 22nd February, after which Anna Harutyunyan is going to be present in the Biennale in New York and Dubai with selected works, where she will represent Armenia.

Photos by Hasmik Barkhudaryan

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