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Ani Yavrents | Escape

constantly trying to get out of a place you’ve built by yourself. the characters keep scuffling, punching to each other’s face, trying to canker the thoughts and emotions you’ve hidden. 
then you distinguish your authority towards your own soul
and here comes the peace 
that seems to be aware of the stormy embodiment you were diligently trying to bury. 
consideryour dark sides as if they are your own rescue

you distinguish your identity 
you document your art
so you can bitch at them
i am your slut
i am your woman 
i am healed 
with the recognition of my own power

your body is your battleground 
fight for your power 
fight for your illusions 
derealization of your authority 
should free yourself 
from your sexuality

you distinguish your authority
you’re giving yourself to be flayed
you consider your identity
as a remedy of distraction
since you are revealed
since you are powerless




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