We are recommending to watch… “Transantlantic”

Golden-Apricot-12th-Yerevan“Transantlantic”_ a film, nominated in the category of documentaries in the 12th International Film Festival “Golden Apricot”.


Producer   Nicolas Dufour-Laperriere

Director    Felix Dufour-Laperriere

Script       Felix Dufour-Laperriere

Director of photography   Felix Dufour-Laperriere, Nicolas Dufour-Laperriere

Edit         Felix Dufour-Laperriere

The film, which was shot in 30 days, lifted slowly and in detail, tyring to capture every little thing. A large ship, the sailors, who work, play, talk and pray. One of them waking up every morning, praying, then put his ethnic music on the computer and live these 30 days. So, in this vast ocean the man remain in contact with his god, music helps him to be in his native places through his dreams, places where he should return or not, because life is unpredictable. This is a micro model of our world or the essence of each of us? In the film there is no colors, otherwise can not be…


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