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Tomar Grigorian (Gregorian Calendar).

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Tomar Grigorian
Rome, Dominici Baze printing, 1584

This is the New chronology – Gregorian calendar, that was confirmed by Gregory XIII Pope. It was translated from Latin to Armenian by Sultanshah, Hovhannes Tersnetsi and his son Khachatur, and was printed. They also printed the Pope’s kondakion about the new system of chronology with the explanations. The print is done with the typeface of «boloragir», which was named as Sultanshah-granjon. That type was created in 1579 by Sultanshah and Robert de Granjon (1513-1589) from Paris. That type was resemble with the modern printed types. There are nearly 500 books printed by that typeface.
The print quality is very high and done with two colors. The book consists of 111 pages, and it also has memory notes with detailed statements.

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