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Meet in the Middle…

Stations of Migration and Memory Between Art and Film…

On the 14th of July 2015, at 19:00, at the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art Saskatchewan Gothic represents Station 5 of the larger durational exhibition Meet in the Middle: Stations of Migration and Memory Between Art and Film, taking place from 2014 to 2016 in Regina, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan’s capital city. Meet in the Middle is conceived as a series of way stations connected by common concerns underlying the historical and contemporary dynamics of global migration, memory and trauma that enable artists and audiences to encounter, intersect, reflect, locate and relocate themselves relative to these experiences. Featured artists of durational project Meet in the Middle include Atom Egoyan (Canada), Berny Hi (Canada), Shirin Neshat (USA), Gerald Saul (Canada) and Mkrtich Tonoyan (Armenia). In the broader context of Meet in the Middle, Regina becomes a cross-cultural meeting ground and the works in Station 5, Saskatchewan Gothic, attempt to show how the local connects with transnational realities as a relatively closed region of Canada opens itself to contact with diverse people, their memories and ways of being, and their own traumatic histories and struggles with imperialism, colonialism, racism, belonging and place. Featured artists in the Saskatchewan Gothic series include Amalie Atkins, Ian Campbell, Dana Claxton, David Garneau, Mike Rollo and Gerald Saul.

1- Amalie Atkins
2- Braid Harvesters (2013), 5min 09sec
3 & 4 – Listening to the Past/Listening to the Future (2013), 2min 58sec
1&2- The Hill (2004), 3min 49sec
1,2 &3 – Washday (2014), 3min 12sec
1,2 &3 – Ghosts and Gravel Roads (2008) 15min 53sec
1-Heavy Machinery has Right of Way (1999) 3min 50sec
2-God daughter (1998) 3min 50sec

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