Narek Van:“Masnikapatum”

In May 29 in “Dalan art” gallery opened exhibition of Narek Van Ashughatoyan called “Masnikapatum” ( the history of particles). At the entrance to the gallery the name of the event immedetly becomes clear. Each particle, painted by young artist, is “personality” and has its own role in each picture. These paintings depicting from construction of Tower of Babel to destruction of Old Yerevan. In the works of Narek you can see his theological education, especially good knowledge of the art of Armenian miniatures. In five-minute animation the visitors of exhibition can see the unite of all particles accompanying goog music: each particle has its own music.

 In his opening speech Narek said that every particle in the picture has its own story, and for ech piece he spent a lot of time. He also noted that these particles express his inner city called Narekavan.

The exhibition open until july 4.

Photos by Hegine Khachatryan

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