Armenian designer on Vogue. When art starts to walk

Fashion and art. Vahan Khachatryan’s autumn-winter 2016-2017 collection


Nowadays Armenian fashion with new and rich ideas  go forward and stand out in the context of the world fashion. Every day through Facebook, Instagram and other social networks we are introduced to new young designers, whose clothes with its compositional and color decisions, method of their submission brings to the world of fashion and it is please us and now we know that wearing a dress by Armenian designer, we can show up the world with graceful gate. One of these young designers is Vahan Khachatryan, which has crossed the line of the world fashion many years ago. He studied in Italy and works in Armenia. Recently Vahan Khachatryan joined the list of official designers of that is a great success.

Among the significant facts of the designer included a collection of autumn-winter 2016-17, which has been inspired from the paintings. Source of inspiration is his grandfather Suren Stepanyan. In one of his interviews Vahan notes that living next to the  grandfather’s paintings, he absorbed the art, it was an important part of becoming a designer. Beautiful, colorful and high quality collection, where Vahan Khachatryan collected in a complex, in some places a disproportionate decisions in delicate, sensitive, monotone colors, giving us all the charm of paintings by Suren Stepanyan, allowing the painting to soak up the fashion, to stir and move in the same direction. The pieces of art that are painted on the clothes continue in the makeup of the models, through which the woman and the clothes become one. The impression that the paintings came out of their familiar environment and walking, assigning a new function, becoming a new direction of art.

We congratulate Vahan Khachatryan about this beautiful collection and adding to the list of designers Looking forward to new collections, which will show to the world the Armenian art and culture.

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