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From the tradition to modernity

Japanese contemporary art exhibition dedicated to the opening of the Embassy of Japan in Armenia, was opened  in two galleries, in the exhibition hall of Yerevan History Museum and the center of folk art named Hovhannes Sharambeyan. October 22 Arvestagir was at the Yerevan History Museum, at the opening ceremony of the exhibition entitled “From the tradition to modernity”. The exhibition aims to strengthen cultural ties between Armenia and Japan, reveal different aspects and aesthetic similarities and contribute to the strengthening of friendly relations between the two nations. On this occasion, from Japan arrived  many of the participants. Among the Japanese artists are Ayako Fujimoto, Ema Yuki Masahiko Kurashima, Midzue Takagi, Marina Narita Asado Takagi, Aozora Heneho, Hiromi Hashinon, Kazunori Ito, Kazumi Miakava, Miazaki Meehan, Hosetsu Maeda, Masako Yaku, Rui Ishii, Nakazawa Tomene, Yano Makoto, Asami Shun Osama Kien, Kusame Norikon and Tuba set. The opening ceremony was also attended by artists from Armenia, Ashot Harutyunyan, Khachatur Martirosyan, Gagik Siravyan, Haghtanak Shahumyan, Ara Shahumyan, Armine Tumanyan, Ter Sahak Martirosyan Hasmik Avetisyan and the exhibition curator, art critic and painter Ara Haytayan. At the opening participated also  the director of the  Gallerie Gindza 1-chome in Tokyo Maki Mikiko. These very different artists are actually gathered together due to the friendship and art.

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